Moving Beyond

In-Space Transport

Decoupling transportation in space from transportation to space

In-Space Propellant

Harvesting water from lunar regolith to create an abundant source of in-space propellant

Abundant Transportation for the Space Economy

Argo uses refuellable space-resident transport vehicles and on-orbit pickup to get you from low Earth orbit (LEO) to anywhere
Lunar Orbits
Custom LEO Transfers
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Regular, affordable access beyond LEO

Affordable, dependable access has created vast new business opportunities in LEO.
We will make all space from LEO to the moon accessible.
We are building reusable vehicles fueled by water that pickup payloads on-orbit

The Argonaut

The In-Space Economy Needs In-Space Fuel
Transportation Fuels Economies
By harvesting water propellant from lunar regolith, Argo creates new capabilities for today’s Earth businesses and revolutionizes the space economy of tomorrow
Earth to moon refueling orbit cycle
Resultant Paradigm Shift
Ubiquitous Space Transport
Economic Expansion
Abundant Propellant
Engineering the future of space infrastructure
At Argo, we are building infrastructure for the future of space. The next great leap beyond Earth requires re-imagining in-space transportation, transitioning to a new paradigm of abundant, unconstrained movement.

We are untethering space operations from Earth by leveraging the moon’s shallow gravity well and accessible water resources. Argo will harvest lunar water and use it as propellant to create a true in-space transportation network. By sourcing propellant from the moon, we will provide the freedom to maneuver throughout space.

This freedom will expand the possibilities for businesses in space and support permanent human presence beyond Earth. Harnessing Lunar water will help open a new era of affordable space activity and propel us further into the final frontier.
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